PC & Mac Repair

For most computer users, if their computer goes down, so does their productivity. Whether your computer is crashing or running slow, it is important to act before the problem progresses into something worse. Even if your computer randomly dies once, this can be a sign of a serious hardware failure ranging from a faulty/old Power Supply to even a Hard Drive going bad. By taking the step to have the computer looked at on your schedule, it will save you the headache of it flopping when it is most inconvenient. The most common serious problem we encounter is hard drive failure which often results in data loss. Hard drives are easy and cheap to replace, often you can get your computer up and running the very same day.

So, when should you get your hard drive replaces?

It’s often hard to tell when your hard drive is going bad, but here are some signs you should get the computer in for a checkup: You can hear the computer running loudly The computer crashes The hard drive is more than 3 years old (note: It is highly recommended to replace your hard drive every 5 years) If you are an advanced user, you may want to run a “Check Disk” and investigate the results in Event Viewer. There should always be 0kb bad sectors.

What other hardware can go bad?

Any piece of hardware can go bad, but some are particularly common problems. Like we said before, hard drives can go bad and when they do it can be a big problem. Your computer’s Mainboard (Motherboard), Video card, and RAM (memory) are also reoccurring failures we see. The good thing is that most of the time hardware problems won’t result in data loss and normally your computer will be up and running the same day you bring it in for repairs. No matter if you wait for your computer to stop working, don’t hesitate when the PC starts showing issues, or have a regular scheduled maintenance plan, Green Light Software Solutions is here for you.