PC & Mac Upgrades

The great thing about a desktop computer over notebook PCs is the ease to upgrade and replace parts. It is normally not a problem to catch you desktop up with the curb by replacing some of the hardware and software with more up-to-date versions.

How can I get my computer running faster?

When it comes to slowness while multi-tasking, most of the time upgrading the computer’s RAM (memory) solves the problem. Viruses and Spyware can contribute to sluggish processing. Sometimes the computer may simply be cluttered with programs and archived files and the performance may increase with a thorough cleaning.

How much RAM should I have?*

For Windows XP: Microsoft says the minimum requirement for RAM is 1/8 Gigabyte, we recommend 1 Gigabyte RAM to smoothly multi-task. For Windows Vista: Microsoft says the minimum requirement for RAM is ½ Gigabyte, we recommend 2 Gigabytes RAM to smoothly multi-task.
*Recommendations are based on experience.

I want the best of the best, latest and greatest.

You may be a video-gamer, graphics designer, editor, or just someone who wants bragging rights but Green Light Software Solutions has constant access to the state-of-the-art goodies to meet your needs and desires.

What can I upgrade on my notebook PC?

Often, the notebook’s RAM can be increased which will improve the computer’s speed in multi-tasking. Hard drive space can always be improved whether you’ve ran out of room or want to plan ahead for your needs.

What can’t be upgraded on my notebook PC?

Most everything besides RAM and hard drive space cannot be upgraded. For some, the need for more graphics processing may be necessary, but on almost every notebook the Video Card is not upgradable because it is integrated with the Mainboard (Motherboard). The Mainboard, though exchangeable, is costly to upgrade or even replace often making it more affordable to simply purchase a new notebook PC.