Making your PC

Virus & Spyware Removal

Green Light Software Solutions employs only the best industry practices to remove viruses and spyware. Viruses and spyware can drastically slow down you computer to crawl. When a PC gets to this point is where most people want to bash it with a hammer or through it out the window, but rest assured we will get your PC back to its peak performance.

We offer FREE diagnostics as we can't tell you how long it until it is fixed unless we know what is causing the problem. Once we find the problem we will contact you to give you the estimated time to repair and cost. Most virus removals take about 1/2 a day and cost about $150.

Sometimes PCs run slow and it has nothing to do with viruses. Most people don't know that there are several factors to be analyzed like disk fragmentation, bad drivers or software, etc... Our experienced technicians will make sure we check every possible cause and resolve all issues before we ever return a computer to our clients.